Rue Longue, 286 – 1620 Drogenbos – Belgium

Tel. +32 2 3433340 – Fax + 32 2 3433380


BelgaFix is a company specializing in orthopaedics both in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The Company is involved in the development, marketing, promotion and sales activities of innovative products in orthopaedic surgery and provides services in the use of implants in the Operating Room.

BelgaFix is run by people with extensive experience in orthopaedic field who know how to combine the demands of surgeons and the quality of products.

BelgaFix is committed to provide the latest effective innovations in hip, knee, and other joints tecniques.

Staff people have a long experience in the orthopaedic area especially in surgery. Actually every sales-representative has been a scrub nurse before joining BelgaFix. Therefore, they are of great help in the operating room and know very well the opinion leaders specialized in orthopaedics.